How You Can Paint Your Room in One Session by Being Prepared

How You Can Paint Your Room in One Session by Being Prepared

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One of the first things that you want to do when decorating a room from scratch is painting the room. Once you are sure you have the color that you want, lay tarp carefully over your carpet of hardwood floor. Make sure to cover all areas, as paint will ruin both carpet and hardwood. Paint your ceiling first, carefully cutting in around light fixtures, and ceiling fans. You will need certain tools before you begin because once you start, you will not have the opportunity to stop.

You will need… * Paint * Drop cloths enough to cover entire floor and unmoved furnishings * At least one six foot ladder or taller * Roller pans, rollers, brushes, and rags * Five in one scrapper tool Rolling Out The Ceiling And Walls Roll your ceiling out completely. The walls are much more challenging than the ceiling as the work must be done all I one session. Anytime you allow paint to dry overnight and then start fresh, you run the risk of it drying in different shades of color.

Start in one corner and work your way all the way around to where you began, cutting each wall in as you go. Spackle Your Holes Use your five in one scrapper on any peeling paint or dings in the wall before you start and as you go. You can fill in nail holes and indentations with spackle using your five in one tool as well. Allow the spackle to dry for an hour or two and then sand them down smooth with fine sandpaper and your five in one.

Your Five In One Tool The five in one tool comes in handy during the entire paint job. You can use it to open paint cans, pull nails from the wall using the hole in the produk unik side of the blade. The big C shaped indent in the side of the blade is used during clean up. See instructions below for how to use that part of your five in one tool. Cut In The Walls As You Go Before you begin rolling, cut your first wall in with your four-inch brush. Carefully line out the wall where it meets the ceiling and down the corners leaving a three to four inch cover line that the roller can catch without touching the ceiling or corner.

While you are at it, on each wall trim out any light switches and plug outlets after removing the plates. Do this as you go on the wall you are working one. Progress one wall at a time and work your way around. Now Roll the walls in using long, up and down strokes. Your Crown Molding Before you begin a project like this, you should determine whether you would be taking down the crown molding and baseboards for restaining or painting.

If so, take them down first and lay those over two sawhorses. Sand them down good with medium grade sandpaper. If staining, apply a stain until desired shade is reached, then polyurethane when dry. Clean Up Easier During clean up, rinse your paintbrushes thoroughly, pushing the water hose deep into the bristles to get the paint from within the handle.

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